INTRODUCING: A Completely NEW Way to Build Your Business

to Get New Clients From LinkedIn

In Just 15 Minutes a Day Without Annoying Your Connections 
With Automated Sales Pitches

I’m Ted Prodromou. I spent years as a struggling life coach, until I realized something so obvious... 

I’m almost too embarrassed to share it with you.

It never occurred to me that I could use this strategy on LinkedIn to get more clients consistently - week after week… month after month.

Just like my favorite clients who have been with me for years.

What turned my business around in a matter of days?

I’ll share my discovery in a second...

First, I have to tell you what happened to one of my clients after I shared my discovery.

Courtney is an HR consultant.

2020 was a horrible year, so bad, she was ready to close her business.

She turned to LinkedIn hoping she could get a new client to save her business.

One LinkedIn “guru” told her to send automated messages on LinkedIn.

No response.

Another “guru” told her to invite 50 people a day to connect on LinkedIn with a soft sales pitch.


She posted content on LinkedIn every day for a month. 

A handful of Likes and new connections but no new clients.

She was ready to give up on LinkedIn and her business until...

In January 2021, she started Conversation Stacking with her past clients and colleagues. 

Conversation Stacking put her back on the radar of her professional network. 

A colleague reached out to Courtney and she closed a $60,000 deal within a week of starting her first Conversation Stack.

A few days later an attorney referred two new clients to Courtney. 

An HR association reached out to her to do online classes for their members. 

In January, Courtney exceeded her annual revenue goal.

Because she started Conversation Stacking.

What did I discover that’s turning businesses around in a matter of days?

The easiest way to close high-paying clients on LinkedIn who stay with you for years is by Conversation Stacking.

This is a unique approach to LinkedIn that nobody is using.

Not even the biggest LinkedIn gurus.

Conversation Stacking is turning struggling business owners into inspiring success stories in a matter of days.

And it is completely different from every LinkedIn strategy you’ve heard or read about.

Conversation Stacking isn’t sending hundreds of automated messages every day…

...or using templated responses to queries all day long…

...or duping people into a “strategy call” where high-pressure sales reps sell them something they don’t need…

...or using outdated lead gen strategies that worked in the 00s…

It’s different because after you follow a seven point system for finding and cherry picking the exact prospect you would love to work with… convert them into dream clients using a three phase approach that uses what I call “attraction assets” to gain their trust and cement your long term relationship.

What if I told you that several of my clients are growing their businesses, seeing up to 72.8% growth month after month… leveraging the power of this obvious but revolutionary strategy

...that allows you to solve the most misunderstood social media puzzle called LinkedIn.

Why am I embarrassed that it took me so long to realize how easy LinkedIn can be when you use Conversation Stacking?

● I’ve been teaching LinkedIn marketing for over a decade.

● I’ve written three editions of Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business.

● Today, I’m one of the most in-demand, highest-paid, LinkedIn marketing experts. 

And for some reason it took me forever to realize Conversation Stacking was the answer to inconsistent revenue in my business.

Now I use Conversation Stacking to earn more in one month than I did in my first 2 years as a certified life coach and I only work a couple of hours a day. 

Listen, I get it if this sounds too good to be true. And it's only normal to feel a bit skeptical.

Why should you trust me?

I started my business over 20 years ago. 

I’ve been through my share of economic downturns. 

I’ve hit bottom more than once and started over. 

I know how to bring a business back to life after an economic reset.

I can help you flatten the curve of future economic downturns. 

Let me ask you this:

Do you really want leads from LinkedIn?

Or do you want high-paying clients from LinkedIn who gladly pay you year after year?

Many LinkedIn experts promise endless, “qualified" leads when you use their proprietary LinkedIn system.

“Qualified” in their eyes means they accepted your invitation to connect or commented on your LinkedIn post.

Those “qualified” leads rarely turn into your best clients. 

You spend half your life on “discovery” calls with people looking for free advice.

Keep reading and you'll see exactly how my clients are using Conversation Stacking to get their very best clients, and how you can too.

So, what is Conversation Stacking?

My breakthrough hit me like a bolt of lightning while I was on a walk with my black lab, Lilah.

Like a voice from the heavens, here’s what I heard: 

“We have conversations every day. 

Why do some conversations interest us more than others?

It’s like we’re speaking our own secret language to each other. 

There’s an unspoken synergy between us.

The other person gets what we’re saying. 

We get what they’re saying.

In fact, we can almost finish each other’s sentences.” 

Does this sound like the connection you have with your very best clients?

Would you like more of these clients?

These are the clients who pay you more, stay with you forever and you love working together. 

What if you could start more of these synergistic conversations and stack them like a full stack of IHOP pancakes?

What happens when you use Conversation Stacking?

★ You know exactly what problem to solve for your prospects
★ All your content will get the attention of your prospects
★ You know exactly what videos and articles to create
★ You know their pain point(s)
★ You dial in your messaging so it’s persuasive
★ You end up with the clients you like
★ Your clients will do what you tell them to do
★ Your clients will happily pay what you charge

How is Conversation Stacking different from every other LinkedIn lead gen strategy?

Most LinkedIn lead gen systems are robotic and go something like this:

- Invite 50 “targeted” people a day to connect with a soft sales pitch in the invitation (“targeted” means you searched for a specific job title)
- Send a welcome message with a soft sales pitch
- Follow up with 3-5 messages with “useful” content with a hard sales pitch (how do you know what content is “useful” to me?)
- Follow up by sending a sales pitch to their personal email address
- Follow up with a phone call
- Move on to the next victim if they don’t respond

This approach is like robocalling. 

Call enough people and eventually someone will say “yes”.

Unfortunately, most people who say “yes” to this robotic-approach are desperate. 

I don’t have to tell you that desperate people make horrible clients. 

Do you want to be known as a robocaller or spammer?

This approach will damage your brand and reputation. 

Conversation Stacking is nothing like these robotic LinkedIn lead gen strategies.

When you stack focused, micro-conversations, you create rapport.

Rapport leads to relationships. 

Relationships turn into long-term, happy customers. 

Happy customers tell their friends and colleagues about you.

Your best customers almost always come from referrals from your raving fans.

Instead of counting on a LinkedIn loophole that will soon disappear, you’re connecting with your prospects via their subconscious mind through a series of micro-conversations.

That’s why I call it Conversation Stacking. 

What if you could have the right conversation with the right person at the right time?

You’ve been here a million times.

The prospect HOPES you can solve their problem but they aren’t ready to pull the trigger.

They aren’t 100% convinced you are the magic bullet they’ve been desperately searching for.

You’re kicking yourself for asking for the sale too soon. 

It’s human nature. Nobody enjoys being rejected. 

They aren’t rejecting YOU personally.

They’re saying no to your OFFER because it’s not clear in their mind. 

People say no when they don’t have all of the information they need. 

People say no when you haven’t earned their trust. 

People say no when they are afraid.

Conversation Stacking lets you start friendly, micro-conversations that puts your prospect at ease.

Conversation Stacking turns micro-conversations into sales conversations.

Your prospects don't realize you’re subconsciously selling them (in an ethical way) through this friendly banter.

✓ They feel like they're having a casual conversation with their best friend over a cup of coffee at Starbucks.
✓ You easily attract clients because they feel like they’ve known you for years
✓ You instantly grab their attention and they can’t stop listening to what you’re saying
✓ Your prospects believe you can help them so they are easier to close
✓ You are seen as THE expert
✓ You are credible and trustworthy in their eyes
✓ You build deep relationships fast
✓ You connect with authoritative peers in your market
✓ Lower barrier to trust with new prospects

Why is now the right time for Conversation Stacking?

Timing is everything in sales.

Knowing what to say and when to say it is the most valuable skill to learn as a business owner.

We’re coming out of the worst pandemic in over 100 years.

It’s time to ramp up your business now before your competitors get out of the starting gate. 

It’s time for you to start Conversation Stacking so you can get back on the radar of your professional network. 

It’s time to turn casual conversations into sales. 

Conversation Stacking lets you:

✓ Close more sales with little or no rejection, even if you suck at selling
✓ Build a herd of raving fans who love to buy from you over and over
✓ And they love to tell their friends about you
✓ Your sales pipeline will always be overflowing with qualified buyers
✓ Nurture prospects so they know you intimately which adds trust
✓ Build a database of email addresses from people who will open the emails because they know you
✓ Stay top of mind for when they are ready to buy from you

How does Conversation Stacking work?

Do you agree with me that conversations are an essential part of life?

…and sales conversations are an essential part of your business? 

Knowing what to say and when to say it turns a casual conversation into a sale. 

Remember the old way to market on LinkedIn?

- Connect with thousands of strangers based on job title or the groups they belong to
- Send automated, generic messages to your connections
- Follow up with dozens of tire kickers who only want to pick your brain
- Jump on a “discovery” call to see if its a fit to work together

A lot of wasted time and only a handful of new clients.

Conversation Stacking lets you engage with active LinkedIn users who are speaking your language.

Using our unique three-step process based on 100-year-old, tried-and-true marketing techniques, you subconsciously tap into their deepest desires. 

Meet them where they are and soon they will be asking YOU to work with them instead of you asking for the sale.

Then something like this will happen…

What happens when you stack conversations?

You don’t have to be a sales pro to get high-paying clients from LinkedIn who stay with you for years in as little as one hour using conversation stacking

Your prospects are smarter than ever.

They’ve done their research.

They know a lot about what they’re looking for. 

They may even know more than you do. 

You can’t talk down to them. 

You can’t pitch them until they are ready.

When you know their level of sophistication, you can communicate with them at their level. 

You’ll know the right thing to say at the right time. 

As you stack micro-conversations, you build rapport and gain their trust. 

Conversation Stacking is the strategy you’ve been missing. 

✓ Create sales on demand
✓ Create long term client relationships
✓ Get “down the road” sales because of your high level of honesty and integrity
✓ Repeat business
✓ Referrals
✓ No more hunting down clients

Ready to become my next Conversation Stacking Superstar?

By now you get why Conversation Stacking is so great at going straight to the perfect prospect and turning them into your favorite kind of client in less than a week.

Which is why I’m ready to show you exactly how you can start using Conversation Stacking in your business right now.

And I’m launching a special edition of my Conversation Stacking course for you this week.

Here’s what you’ll discover and what it will do for you.

The first thing we will cover is how to attract the right people and get them to stop scrolling. They will know immediately you are the best person to solve their problem as they scan your LinkedIn profile.  

This lets you choose who you want to work with. That way, instead of treating LinkedIn like the Hunger Games, hunting down prospects, your ideal clients will reach out to you, begging you to work with them. 

Next, you start Conversation Stacking to engage casual LinkedIn users. Casual LinkedIn users are the lurkers who hang out on the fringes of LinkedIn but don’t say much. 

Once you engage them, they often become your best customers who buy from you over and over. So stop blasting messages AT people and start engaging conversations with your LinkedIn network.

The third thing we will cover is what you need to stop doing on LinkedIn because it no longer works. 

This eliminates at least 80% of your time on LinkedIn every day. 

You won’t be spending countless hours annoying your LinkedIn network with sales pitches. Instead, you will fill your sales pipeline in less than 15 minutes a day.

Last but not least, we will talk about the content you need to create. Content that starts valuable conversations with your ideal clients. Once engaged, you will know what to say next as you stack conversations to gain their trust. 

Gone are the days of staring at a blank document on your laptop or spending days creating content nobody views. You will know exactly what content engages your audience and moves them to the next step in your sales funnel.

What do you have to lose?

2020 was a hard year.

Businesses need your help more than ever. 

The economy is growing. 

It’s time to ride the economic uptick. 

Now you have to make a decision.

You can try to figure this out on your own.

You can let me do the heavy lifting for you.

I’ve pulled my own business back from the brink in 2001 and 2008. 

I know what it takes to draw a line in the sand and forget the past. 

Your negative mindset will set you back. 


You don’t have to be a sales pro to get great clients from LinkedIn.

Conversation Stacking will attract your very best clients who gladly pay you year after year AND tell their friends about you. 

Now it’s your turn

Working with me is a serious commitment. 

My private clients pay up to $10,000 for one-on-one coaching with me. 

I hold their feet to the fire because I want them to get results.

I’ll hold you accountable because I want you to get the same results.

I won’t let you invest in my program and let it collect virtual dust on your virtual bookshelf. 

Here’s what to expect after you complete my Conversation Stacking course

​✓ Your very own easy-to-navigate sales funnel so clients will glide into the sale
​✓ Create and power pump your online content
​✓ Know your best niche market based on who's already visiting your website (using a free, little-used LinkedIn tool) ✓ 
✓ Zeroing in on a niche you love, yet be profitable 
​✓ Create sizzling hot products and services clients will want to buy NOW
​✓ Generate more phone appointments and close those appointments at the price you deserve
​✓ Get GOOD at closing the sale. Really good! 
​✓ Learn to gain trust and authentically generate sales from your email list
​✓ Become bulletproof and break through brick walls by crushing your inner game challenges such as fear, doubts, and limiting beliefs…

So if you’re ready to make a significant change, your next step is easy.

Here’s what you’ll receive when you invest in Conversation Stacking:

​➙ Video training lessons where you see what's working on LinkedIn right now
➙ Q&A sessions where we work on your LinkedIn sales funnel
➙ Over 20 bonus modules of video training
➙ Private Facebook group so you can network with other business professionals

The technical details for those of you who love details
➙ Module 1: Clarity + Differentiation - Identifying Your Ideal Customer + Getting Their Attention
➙ Module 2: Create your compelling offer that is perceived as better or a unique solution
➙ Module 3: Attraction - Creating Your Killer LinkedIn Profile + Attracting Interest
➙ Module 4: Content marketing on LinkedIn to take advantage of LinkedIn Creator
➙ Module 5: Increasing Desire Using LinkedIn Messages
➙ Module 6: LinkedIn networking strategies
​➙ Bonus Training - Advanced LinkedIn and Social Selling Training
2020 instantly became a year to forget...
  • ​Within days, the world economy screeched to a halt
  • ​Never before has the world sheltered in place at the same time
  • ​Most businesses are in free fall, bleeding money every day 
  • ​Your bills are stacking up with no way to pay them
  • ​We're entering an era with a "new normal" and nobody knows what that means
  • ​We need to reinvent our lives and businesses as we move forward but we don't know where to start
It's DO or DIE time and most business owners are making bad decisions based on soundbites they hear on Fox News or CNN.

What I am about to reveal to you is only used by .5127% of the 750M+ LinkedIn users…

… and now is the time to get in before this LinkedIn secret gets out and goes mainstream!

I don’t know about you…

But history has shown that it’s much safer to take control of your fate rather than being washed out and left with nothing…

And to top it off, marketing is a mystery to most when it comes to finding pre-qualified clients in the middle of a pandemic. 

But this is where I come in and help you build up your “storm proof” system

It's imperative to get credible information right now to help you navigate the storm. 

It’s what we need to do to save our future, family and legacy. 

My career has been kicked to the curb more than once and surrounding myself with mentors who provided guidance and credible information helped me get back on my feet quickly.
  • My very successful 20+ year IT career was crushed by the dot com crash
  • 9/11 killed my first business
  • The Great Recession crushed my web agency
  • ​I got kicked to the curb after taking a software business from $25M/year to over $150M/year during recovery of the Great Recession
I've been there and done that when it comes to economic downturns and reinventing yourself. I know what it takes to pull your business and life out of the gutter.
Tested, Actionable LinkedIn Sales Strategies You Can Implement Immediately
Get access to the latest LinkedIn sales and marketing strategies that 
generate more revenue for your business right now
Become a LinkedIn Marketing Expert
How does an acclaimed professional LinkedIn coach like me, get pre-qualified clients from LinkedIn?


Getting hungry clients from LinkedIn became so easy after I cracked the code and unlocked the biggest client “gold mine” on the internet today! 

I’m going to show you the treasure map and how to get some of the “gold” for yourself even during these trying times!

More on this in a minute…

… But first, let me show you what bombs on LinkedIn (and is STILL being taught by my "competitors")

1. Send 50 invitations to connect every day. Customize the invitation and tell them how you can help them

2. If they accept your invitation, send a welcome message and again tell them how you can help them

3. A few days later send them an article with “useful” information and invite them to a phone call to see how you can work together

4. A week later send them another article with “useful” information and invite them to a phone call to see how you can work together

5. Follow up with another message inviting them to a phone call to see how you can work together or offer a free strategy session

If they fail to respond to any of the steps above, repeatedly send them this message "Did you get my message?"

This diabolical approach from so-called “guu-ruu’s” gives people a BAD first impression of you and your business…

You know what they say...

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression

You’re coming from a position of confusion and desperation when you beg for appointments and you annoy the hell out of people. 

Frankly, it’s embarrassing!  

"Spray and pray" may land you an occasional client, but you rarely get quality clients, repeat buyers and referrals. 

This is the modern-day version of cold calling or robocalling and its not the best use of your precious time.

When was the last time you did business with a company who robocalled you? 

What You Get With Linked Accelerator
  •  Live LinkedIn Zoom training lessons where you see what's working on LinkedIn right now
  •  Live Q&A sessions where we work on your LinkedIn sales funnel
  •  Over 20 bonus modules of video training
  • Private Facebook group so you can network with other business professionals
Course Modules
  • Module 1:  Clarity and Differentiation
  • Module 2: Creating your offer that prospects can’t refuse
  • Module 3: LinkedIn profiles that attract your ideal clients
  • Module 4: Increasing desire for your services using LinkedIn messages
  • Module 5: LinkedIn networking strategies
  • Module 6: Advanced LinkedIn and Social Selling Training
  • Bonus Training
  • ​* Mindset with Nina Cooke
  • * Close more sales
  • * LinkedIn Live
  • * LinkedIn Events
  • * LinkedIn video
Remember, people love to buy!...

... but they HATE being sold to, especially by an unwelcome stranger or by an automated LinkedIn chatbot. 

Let me save you the frustration before you annoy another potential client!

So you might be asking...

“Ted, how did you crack the mysterious LinkedIn code and create a steady, reliable, consistent stream of pre-qualified prospects who are ready, willing and able to work with you right now?”

For the past decade, I've been constantly testing "client getting" strategies on LinkedIn. 

Some worked, some didn't. As LinkedIn evolved, I kept testing until I found a winner, then kept testing. I can hear my mentors voices in my head telling me to "Never stop testing"!

LinkedIn is EASY when you discover this NEW way of getting clients without spending a decade figuring it out like I did.

First off... 

You need a proven system that brings clients to you from a position of strength... 

… instead of begging from a position of desperation

Now, you might be saying...

“Ted, what are you telling me that I don’t already know?”

I’m telling you...

… You have to exude confidence and clarity on LinkedIn to get pre-qualified clients.  

Therefore, it’s critical to know the information you are getting from your mentors at this moment in time is ROCK SOLID and TESTED.

That is what you get from Ted Prodromou's Linked Accelerator.

ROCK SOLID and TESTED strategies that work.

The LinkedIn Opportunity is Happening Right Now

CEO's are flocking to LinkedIn like never before.

They're reaching out to their colleagues to brainstorm ways out of the pandemic abyss. 

In fact, LinkedIn traffic is up 44% in April alone because we're all reaching out to everyone we know. 

I'm sure you're talking to a lot of friends and former co-workers who haven't called you in years. 

We're all looking for certainty and assurance that we will survive this pandemic. 

LinkedIn is your electronic rolodex reconnecting you with your very best contacts.

Before the pandemic, I spoke at a networking meeting. 

The room was fully packed of attorneys, financial advisors, realtors, and successful entrepreneurs, many earning well over 7-figures. 

What is the source of their ongoing 7-figure success?


People who know how to network on LinkedIn are STILL generating lots of business because business professionals are flocking to LinkedIn in record numbers.

It's easier than shooting fish in a barrel because people are open to chatting with you on LinkedIn. They have plenty of time to chat because they're not wasting time in boring meetings and they're starved for adult conversation!

Now, you might be asking...

“Ted, why are these business professionals getting lots of new business from LinkedIn when most LinkedIn members don't have a clue what to do after they log in?"

I am glad you asked because I get this question all the time.

I know this for a fact because over 100,735 of you asked for my powerful LinkedIn cheatsheet.

I'm not kidding...

These 7 figure titans "get" LinkedIn. 

They don't need to use aggressive LinkedIn messaging hacks, tricks and gimmicks. 

Truth is, hacks, tricks and gimmicks only last for 3 months.

Our members close deals quickly because they come from a position of strength and confidence because they know the system works. 

… They aren’t desperate. 
… They choose who they want to work with. 
… They don’t have to hard-sell their prospects. 

Closing deals is easy because prospects are almost begging for the opportunity to work with these people.

And you too, when you know the ONLY way to navigate on LinkedIn...

Limited Time Bonus!
Get Linked Accelerator AND 
 3 Months Access to Your Own Mastermind Group

Freedom Xcelerator
Introducing A Groundbreaking Way To Build Your Lifestyle Business Right Now...

Here's how you can build a predictable stream of quality clients for your lifestyle business allowing you the freedom to work from anywhere while earning what you want. 

Together we create your "client getting" system by leveraging the expertise of your own team of advisors. 

I not only teach you what to do, we implement what you learn on the spot using "done with you" technology.

Like Zoom. 

Zoom screen sharing has been around for years. 

But now virtual coaching is even more effective using Zoom Rooms.

What’s a Zoom Room?

A Zoom Room is a digital meet up…

It’s just like being in a private classroom with breakout rooms so you can work in small, focused groups.

Instead of watching a course via video, we jump on a Zoom call and I teach for 30 minutes.

Next, you head off to your Zoom Room and implement what you just learned with the help of your study group.

After you complete your assignments in the breakout rooms, we reconvene in the main classroom to share your work with the entire class to get their feedback.

You leave with a completed assignment, ready to implement in your next marketing campaign. 

All from the comfort of your home and in your jammies!

You'll never say "I didn't have time..."

… because we are implementing on the spot.

Rubber meets the ground, and you are off to the races! 

Now, let’s get to the good stuff.

Here’s a sample of the freedom-generating strategies 
we implement in our group calls: 

  • ​Creating your LinkedIn sales funnel - creating an easy to navigate sales funnel so clients will begin to glide into the sale
  • ​Setting up and power pump your online ads 
  • ​Figuring out your best niche market based on who's already visiting your website (using a free, little-used LinkedIn tool) - Zeroing in on a niche you love, yet be profitable 
  • ​Creating products/services your clients want to buy - Creating sizzling hot products and services clients will want to buy NOW
  • ​Generating more phone appointments and closing those appointments!
  • ​Get GOOD at closing the sale. Really good! 
  • ​Learn to safely and authentically generate sales from your email list
  • ​Become bulletproof and break through brick walls by crushing your inner game challenges such as fear, doubts, and limiting beliefs…

Here is What You’ll Get In The
Freedom Accelerator Academy

  • ​Includes access to Ted's inner network of marketing and business growth experts
  • ​One brand new course every month
  • ​Instant digital access to the entire video library - it’s as easy as one click! 
  • ​A secure and private community who picks you up when you're down and celebrate your successes. We'll challenge you and push you beyond your limiting beliefs to take your business to the next level.  
… If you want to know your future, look at your 5 closest business associates...

What qualifies me to be your coach?
  • LinkedIn invited me to write for their sales and marketing blogs (YES, that LinkedIn), I'm a VIP contributor to, I create LinkedIn courses and write for, I have articles published on, the, and I contributed to a Twitter documentary on CNBC. 
  • I’m a proud author in Entrepreneur's Ultimate Guide series of books. Other authors include marketing legends Dan Kennedy, Perry Marshall, and Jay Conrad Levinson. My books include 4 best-selling books - Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business (3 editions) and Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business
  • I’m a certified personal/professional coach (with a real earning a certification from an accredited coaching organization
  • ​I’ve been doing online marketing, search engine optimization, and coaching since 2001 (nearly 2 solid decades of marketing expertise)
  • ​I’ve worked directly with MEGA MARKETING MAVENS Frank Kern, Perry Marshall, Mike Filsaime, Ryan Deiss, Alex Mandossian, Russell Brunson, Tom Beal, and many other top-tier marketers. Yes, really! 
  • ​ I was the online marketing manager generating leads for a software company that generated over $100 million per year in sales. Let’s say I know a thing or two about lead generation, marketing, and sales. 
  • ​I’ve been teaching online marketing since 2008 through the Bay Area Internet Marketers Meetup,, and through my online courses including my highly respected program, LinkedIn Accelerator. 

What happens when you surround yourself with successful people and use a proven system?

  • You'll gain incredible clarity into your business and your life
  • ​You'll be a proud member of a community where you give and receive expert feedback 
  • ​You'll love sales and marketing because your system does the heavy lifting
  • ​You'll work less and make more giving you the freedom you've been chasing your entire career
  • ​You'll no longer be "In this alone"
What They're Saying About Ted Prodromou and Linked Accelerator
"As author of Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords and 80/20 Sales and Marketing, my publisher, Entrepreneur Press, asked me who should write their book on LinkedIn. I told them "Get Ted Prodromou.” Ted is an expert practitioner of direct marketing whom I enlisted to teach my own students on several occasions."
Perry Marshall
Best-selling Author and Marketing Expert

"As the definitive social network for people doing business, entrepreneurs ignore LinkedIn at their own peril. Take the direct approach to reaching the movers and shakers by listening to what Ted Prodromou has to say!"
Joel Comm
New York Times Best-selling Author and New Media Marketing Strategist
"Ted Prodromou wrote the book on LinkedIn. I used to say the real secret to success was to get out there and work like hell but the Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business and Linked Accelerator are full of actionable strategies that will impact your bottom line immediately so you don't have to work as hard."
Frank Kern
Digital Marketing Strategist
"This comprehensive course shows you how to increase your valuable contacts and maximize your influence with millions of key people"
Brian Tracy
New York Times Best-selling Author and International Speaker
"Everyone knows it smart to connect with over 380+ million business people on LinkedIn. However very few people know how to connect on LinkedIn profitably; without wasting tons of time and money. If you want to know the behind-the-scenes; real-world strategies, you need to read and listen to Ted Prodromou. Ted has helped me tremendously and his course is jam-packed with nuggets of instantly applicable tips and tricks to save you time and money… and give you a roadmap to actually making money on LinkedIn."
Scott Keffer
Best-selling Author and Founder of Double Your Affluent Clients
"Ted provided an incredibly simple solution to understanding and using LinkedIn. He was not only timely in his practical knowledge, but also innovative and creative in his application. Very personable and encouraging for supporting business success! Looking forward to adding the latest edition of his book to my library."
Andy Peterson
Director of Business Development - Kahuna Business Systems
"I discovered Ted’s great knowledge of LinkedIn less than a month ago when he generously answered some questions I had about LinkedIn in a group we both participate in. I am amazed at the results I have experienced implementing just a few of his suggestions. In less than a month, I added-lets just say it's LOTS of quality contacts, and moved into the top 1% of my connections ranking. I can’t wait to see what happens in month two using Ted’s techniques. Thank you for sharing your secrets of how to use LinkedIn to grow a professional network! Can’t wait to see your advanced techniques!"
Lucy Morgan
Federal Grant Management Advisor
"After meeting Ted and becoming aware of his LinkedIn knowledge, experience, and talent, I had the privilege to put his work into action by following the skill sets described in his best-selling books. After implementing the specific steps suggested to complete the client's LinkedIn profile, I completed my own LinkedIn Profile. Pleasantly, we reached an All-Star LinkedIn level surpassing the expectations I had for completing the LinkedIn profile management. Interestingly enough, we only got started! The best is yet to come as we are already increasing our connections by several people a day, and we have only implemented about 60% of the tidbits suggested for world class connections! Thanks Ted for making LinkedIn easy to implement and fun to follow! "
Andrea Adams-Miller
CEO & Founder of The RED Carpet Connection
"I discovered Ted on LinkedIn and attended a webinar he was offering. It was the first in-depth training on LinkedIn I had ever had and it was an eye-opener. I’ve implemented as much of the training as I could and the results were immediate. The quality of the people responding to my group comments or postings, those viewing my profile and the number of connection requests have gone up significantly.
My greatest success so far was following Ted’s advice on building authority. My second publication on LinkedIn’s Pulse had nearly 9,000 views, 460 “likes”, and 59 comments within 2 days. The quality of the commenters was high and their comments provided me with a ton of content for further posts.
Anyone who wants to take their LinkedIn presence to a new level should get this book and take his course."
Tom Dewell
Founder - Dewell Consulting
"Ted’s insights and coaching have been instrumental to our efforts for building an effective LinkedIn presence with our high-profile clients.  With his help we have developed a strategy to navigate LinkedIn in a manner that promotes the value we bring to high potential leaders and executives in Fortune 500 companies.  The breadth and depth of Ted’s expertise as well as his ability to patiently guide us through the LinkedIn maze has significantly impacted our bottom-line.  He is one of our most valued resources."
Susan Gatton
Executive Coach
"Ted has helped me enormously in getting my linked in profile vastly improved. His recommendations have made all of the difference in the world. Without question, he is the most knowledgeable person about linked in I have come across. Our ability to do lead gen using linked in has improved dramatically. Thank you so much Ted! I will be using your help again."
David (dk) Klein
CEO - White Hat SEO
"Ted Prodromou is an excellent trainer on the topic of LinkedIn. I knew quite a bit about LinkedIn, so I thought, but gained so much more useful knowledge from Ted's teachings. It was one of the best investments I have made in my social media education.

LinkedIn is changing constantly and is getting better all the time. Ted is on top of all the new changes and is really passionate about LinkedIn and its use as a viable business-building tool. He teaches in a very down-to-earth manner, which I like, and he is very integral in his methodologies.

I believe there is a very good window of opportunity in building a successful LinkedIn platform and Ted Prodromou can help you do that."
Maggie Holbik
Business and Social Media Coach
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